5GB With Electric Guest; Playing Rock and Roll Hotel Saturday May 4th

England’s Electric Guest have been racing up the charts with their infectious doo-woppy song “ThisHead I Hold,” making more hips sway than the days of Elvis. Their latest album Mondo is reminiscent of the good ole’ days where all you wanted to do is get sweaty and dance all night. They are playing the Rock and Roll Hotel on Saturday and they joined us for our 5GB series before their show:

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

I went to see The Grateful Dead with my brother and my parents outside of San Francisco. We sat on a blanket a million miles from the stage and my parents let me walk around by myself which was cool. This was before big concerts had giant screens to watch if you were far away, which was nice because you could listen a bit more and hang out with your neighbors. I don’t remember the music that much but my mom and dad seemed to be into it.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

Last night we were in Denver playing a show and met this guy named Bruce who told us that the show was going to be a “historic event”. He was in his 60s and was smoking so much weed with his friend that by the time we were half way through, he was on a different planet. But he was so into it. It was great. People kept passing me drinks on stage and when we finished we got a lot of gifts from fans, which was awesome.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

I would want to play at The Greek Theater in Berkeley, California because it’s where I grew up. I also want to play in Virginia, where Matt grew up.

Gig you would most like to play?

I would have liked to play Woodstock. I asked my dad about it because he went with three of his high school friends and said it changed his life.

What is the gig you would have loved to have seen?

I would want to go to Slug’s in 1972 to see Lee Morgan play. He was always my favorite trumpeter growing up and if I could travel back in time than I could possibly avert his death. He was shot onstage that night by his wife..

Catch Electric Guest Saturday May 5 at Rock and Roll Hotel 

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