Crick-ettes Satisfies!

By Jennifer Ballard, Client Services Representative

Us ticket printers around the office are known for our endless appetites. Any time there is food in the office, we’re the first ones to start devouring. We come into work hungry, we leave hungry and we are constantly stating how hungry we are. So when Etienne came back from a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina with a box of crick-ettes, of course some of us were up to the challenge.

If you’re wondering, are crick-ettes what they sound like they are? The answer is yes.

They are dried crickets covered in bacon and cheese seasoning.

Upon inspection of the nutritional value, our main question we were left with was what exactly is “The other green Meat”? Any ideas?

You could eat this whole box and it's only 9 calories!

So we dumped them all out on the desk and were ready to get our snack on.

Lovely Crick-ettes waiting to be eaten!

Only 3 of us were brave enough to take the plunge. Taylor (Left), Noel (Center) and Etienne (Right)

Bottoms Up!

So, how’d they taste?

Taylor: "They're tasteless" Noel: "The Onion was right, it tastes like sunflower seed shells" and Etienne: "More Please!"



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