Stomp and Stammer’s Jhoni Jackson covers The Fox Theatre & Ticket Alternative Partnership

By TA Staff

Great partnerships can bring new life and energy to brands, and it’s a concept that we, at Ticket Alternative, get excited about! Jhoni Jackson of the Atlanta-based journal, Stomp & Stammer, brought our new partnership with The Fox Theatre to the attention of a wider audience. Jackson explains how exactly Ticket Alternative came to acquire this well-known client and partner, mainly because of our relationship with customers. “What [The Fox] wanted to do was control their own messaging and have a better one-on-one relationship with their customers,” explains Ticket Alternative’s co-founder Iain Bluett. Bluett also goes on to state that Ticket Alternative is able to offer The Fox Theatre a more personal experience accompanied with top-notch customer service. When customers call The Fox’s 855-ATL-TIXX phone number, it goes directly to the Ticket Alternative Call Center and the TA staff answers as though they are a member of The Fox Theatre’s team. Ticket Alternative has a group of experienced customer service representatives available to speak directly with any customer about any event. Having dinner before the show and looking for a restaurant recommendation? They can help you there too!

Jackson continued to describe how Ticket Alternative is working on offering the company’s ticketing services through larger vendors such as grocery stores. As a variety of purchase points become available, customers will have plenty of options as to how they buy their event tickets. These new vendors will be added onto the existing list of independent stores such as Criminal Records and Decatur CD. Of course, customers will always have the option to purchase tickets at Bluett closes the interview by telling Jackson, “It’s all about the brand and keeping that service as high as it can be,” and we agree!

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