5GB With Murder By Death; Playing Black Cat, July 13th

Although they were discovered by a hardcore band at a basement show in the punk scene of Bloomington, Indiana, Murder By Death considers horror movie soundtracks to be their main influence. With a cellist in the group and concept albums about zombies and devils, MBD may be some of the gloomiest indie-rockers out there. They joined us for our 5GB series before their show tomorrow at Black Cat.

What is the the first gig you ever went to?

King Crimson when i was in 6th grade. My friend was a fan, and I just went along. It was pretty wild. Really out there for a young kid to see.

Best gig you have ever played/performed at?

So many shows are fun for different reasons. Sometimes the band is just perfectly locked in, sometimes the audience all show up ready to rage and that energizes the band…My favorite that comes to mind is one we played on the 4th of July (day after my birthday) in Zurich Switzerland. We played outside on the lake, in a clearing of giant redwood-esque trees. Boaters would pull up to the watch the show as it turned to night. Beautiful evening.

Best gig you’ve ever been to?

Hmm best of recent memory was a show we played with Gogol Bordello in Amsterdam. They brought it. The people were going nuts, and the band slayed. At one point I went down to the dressing room to grab a beer and the ceiling was moving up and down because the audience aobve was stomping on the floor so hard.

What is the gig you would most like to play?

I have always wanted to play at Red Rocks in Denver. I love the outdoors and that is such an incredible spot. I would probably camp and hike before/after the gig

If you could put your dream lineup on a gig, who would it be?

Playing with the Pogues was a dream come true. I think a gig with Nick cave or Grinderman would be really cool. Or The Cure, that was a favorite band starting in about seventh grade.

Catch Murder By Death at Black Cat, July 13th.

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