Corndogs, Music, & Pageants! Oh My!

By Geena Berardi & Gini Strobel

Love corndogs and music? Well, we have the perfect weekend for you! Corndogorama 2012 takes place on July 28-29 at The Earl, and it’s bound to be a hoot and a half! With activities such as a corndog eating contest, human bowling, watermelon toss, and the heavy metal zoo, what more could you ask for?! There will also be a pageant to determine which fine lady becomes Miss Corndog.  This pageant includes a Q&A session as well as a talent competition. We’re already brainstorming the talent possibilities and who we should enter from the Ticket Alternative office!

And let’s not forget about the awesome bands that will be taking the stage all weekend! Some of the line-up includes Snowden, Speakerfoxx, Stallone, Sealions, The Hindenburgs, Dead Confederate, and more!

We wanted to find out more about the origin of this unique festival, so we turned to Corndogorama founder, Dave Railey, for answers! According to Railey, the festival, established in 1996, was “a gimmick out of the frustration of big corporate music fests that often used to ignore local bands and acts.”

Knowing our love for local bands and breaded meat on a stick, we urge you to throw on an old t-shirt and join us at The Earl on the 28th and 29th.  The TA Staff will be the ones covered in ketchup, mustard, and beer! Tickets are on sale for both days for only $10, and you can check out the lineup on each link below. Counting down the days until corndog paradise….Look out for a follow up article, probably entitled “Ode to a Corndog”…

Saturday Tickets:

Sunday Tickets:

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