Keep Bowling, Bowling, Bowling!

By Jennifer Ballard, Client Services Representative

This past weekend, we had the most epic office outing, that 4 coworkers could’ve ever dreamed of. After work Friday evening, we headed to our local bowling alley, Midtown Bowl. It was a night full of smack talk, nicknames and tons of bowling puns. Mostly we just tried to think of any song we could insert the word “bowling” into. For example, that classic Salt-N-Pepa song: Whatta Bowl, Whatta Bowl, Whatta mighty good bowl, or Tina Turner’s version of “Proud Mary”: Bowlin’, Bowlin’, Bowlin’ on the river, TLC’s Don’t go chasing bowling balls, and even Chamillionaire: They see me bowlin’, they hatin’. Trust me when I tell you, they didn’t stop there.

We’d been pumped for a few weeks about our bowling adventure. Even though we turned out to be a smaller crowd than expected, we had the lane reserved and ready to go! We got there, rented our shoes and discovered that they even buy their wristbands from us! We love being local!

We bowled for 2 hours and managed to fit in 3 full games and a speed bowl round. I don’t know if you’ve ever speed bowled, but I suggest you try it. Speed bowling isn’t about form, skill or chance; it is strictly about how fast you can get through a game. It’s about being ready to chuck that ball down the lane (even before the arm comes up after resetting the pins) and knocking down as many pins as possible, so the next person can bowl. It definitely adds a new element to the game.

Here’s our graphic designer – Angela ScaROLLa, bowling it up!

And Ticket Alternative Customer Service Representative, Bowl St. Nick – tearin’ up the lane:

And Ticket Printing’s Client Service Representative, Taylor “T-Storm” , Bringin’ the thunder!

Unfortunately (but probably for the best), there’s no photographic evidence of my form. Don’t get me wrong, I, Jennifer BOWLard, do have style when guiding that bowling ball straight into the gutter. It’s just the type of style that can’t be captured.

I’ll leave you with the scoreboards for the games. All of us did end up getting at least 1 strike, which to us, was a win all by itself. Needless to say, Bowl St. Nick is a pin-killa, but T-Storm knows how to dominate speed bowling.

Game 1

Game 2:

Game 3:

and finally Game 4 – the Speed Bowl round:

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