What I’ve Learned While Interning at Ticket Alternative

By Geena Berardi

When I came into the Ticket Alternative office on my first day, I honestly had no idea what to expect. What I found out was that some of the greatest people I’ve met work here! Every day feels like you’re hanging out with friends, which makes the day go by so much faster! There are some people who constantly have headphones on while they’re working (which shows how much we all love music)! And in the call center, every time someone makes a sale they say it like AWOLNATION sings it! Not to mention there’s almost always an orange soccer ball getting kicked around the room and knocking into the chairs and desks, so you get some athletic training too! You’ve also got movie discussions going on all the time (my personal favorite right now is The Amazing Spider-Man)! One of my favorite moments was when Iain made a zipline with one of those wooden figures you can pose and a computer cable…it didn’t work out very well…

But I think my favorite thing about interning here was getting to be around music and everything related every day I came in! Sure, I was only in the office two days a week, but there’s almost always music playing (including Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”). Everyone here has a different taste in music, which makes the conversations and the playlists extremely eclectic and awesome.

Essentially, Ticket Alternative is an amazing place to work, and I think everyone should know!

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