Living Walls in our own Backyard!

By: Jennifer Ballard

When we all showed up for work on Monday and there were several cranes parked in our parking lot, we were all a little confused.

It wasn’t long before we discovered that the building behind us (Center Stage) was actually being painted as a part of the 2012 Living Walls Conference. Needless to say, we were all super excited that we were going to get to watch the whole process, from blank wall to a fully painted mural.

This year the conference focused on women. “Our” mural is being painted by Tika. Most of us have had the opportunity to talk to her and she’s awesome. Her and her team have been working late nights to get her mural finished by Sunday. Not only are they painting the whole back of the building, but the side too!

Here’s a look at the progress from Wednesday:

The artists have all been uploading videos of their progress on Vimeo. You can even sneak a glimpse of our office in their video from day 3!

Day 3 – Living Walls 2012 from Living Walls: The City Speaks on Vimeo.

We’re all really looking forward to the final product. Not only the one we’ll get to look at every day, but even the other projects around the city. You can check out the Living Walls 2012 Art Guide from Creative Loafing, to get the addresses for all the murals. Make sure to check out the Living Walls Facebook page for all the event info this weekend!

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