50 Shades of Sketch, The All New Sketchworks Theatre Main Stage Show

Let’s face it, we all could use a good laugh or two! Sketchworks Theatre, located in Decatur, will make you laugh until you cry with their newest stage show, 50 Shades of Sketch, directed by Brian Bremer! It’s a comedy show filled with a variety of skits and we’re sure it will include a few parodies on the infamous 50 Shades of Grey!

So gather your friends and head to Sketchworks Theatre on a Friday or Saturday, September 21st through October 20th!

Here’s more information on 50 Shades of Sketch:

What happens when naive, trusting comedy fans wander into the world of an enigmatic sketch comedy troupe? A troupe that is brilliant, intimidating, but grappling with their own demons? Do these comedy fans hang on to their cautious reserve? Or are they ready to subject themselves to comedy on Sketchworks’ bizarre terms?

They will be shocked, yet thrilled. What they experience will stay with them forever. And they will need to be alone for an hour after the show.

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