Our Visit with Jamie Vosmeier, Director of Ticket Sales at the Fox Theatre

By Nick Hardy, Customer Service Representative

We love visiting with our clients and learning more about their venues and upcoming events! We recently caught up with Jamie Vosmeier, Director of Ticket Sales at the Fox Theatre.

In mid-September, Jamie gave the CSRs (Customer Service Reps) a detailed tour of the Fox Theatre, showing us the ins and outs of the building. From the ornate and treasured furniture to the extraordinary architecture, the Fox Theatre is a stunning venue when you give yourself the time to closely look at all of the the intricate details. On that trip we were able to walk through the theatre to get a complete perspective of what each customer sees when they attend a play or concert, so that we could suggest the best seating for each individual’s needs. Of course, there’s really no bad seat at the Fox Theatre. On that trip we also learned about how the theatre had a working hospital and the live-in resident who once saved the building from a fire. The history and stories are unbelievable.

This past Friday, Jamie came to our “home” and spent an hour with our Customer Service team to introduce the Broadway Across America season. While we enjoyed some lunch, Jamie explained all the particulars and highlights of each show. Jamie also brought along the promo video, typically reserved for season ticket holders, so that we all could see exactly what our upcoming Fox Theatre shows would look like. He described everything from how the horse puppet “Joey”, from War Horse, comes alive through the hands of puppeteers who trained for two years to perfect those realistic movements, and how the upcoming production of Beauty And The Beast originally used real fire on the costume for candle character, Lumiere. The details that Jamie has shared with us definitely provide us great insight and we’re thrilled to share these fun details with patrons!

If you’ve never been to the Fox Theatre then we certainly recommend it, and if you’ve been 100 times then we understand why you keep going back. It’s a treasured Atlanta venue that makes what’s happening on stage all the more wonderful.

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