Planning a New Year’s Eve Party? List Your Event with Ticket Alternative!

Every New Year’s Eve we celebrate a milestone! You see, a New Year’s Eve Party was the first client event that Ticket Alternative ever ticketed. While social media and ticketing technology have been constantly evolving since our first event, we know that some things should always stay the same like convenient ways for customers to purchase tickets and great customer service!

If you’re a promoter, venue manager, or party planner you’re focused on two things: selling tickets and creating a fun memorable party. Believe it or not we can actually help with both of these things! It’s free to list your event(s) with Ticket Alternative and our website gets a ton of traffic. We keep your customers happy by keeping our fees low. Customers will have a variety of convenient ways to purchase tickets: online, through our fully-staffed call center, at one of our 15 retail ticket outlets, or from your box office. E-tickets can be printed out, tickets can be mailed, or names can be gathered for a will-call list.

As far as creating a memorable event, the fun starts before your party! Our Social Media and Marketing team build buzz with continuous content promoting your awesome event. Contests and promotions will create a cool atmosphere encouraging potential ticket buyers to interact. Through our Facebook and Twitter integration, patrons will be able to share their party plans with their entire network of friends! Additionally, we work with events and venues across the country and we stay up to speed on the entertainment and music scene in your community!

If you’re expecting a big turnout, we can help make things smooth with our wireless ticket scanners and even staff members if you need them to help facilitate the check-in process!

For more information, please visit our site
or call 1-877-725-8849. We’re ready to promote your event!

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