Q & A With Those Darlins; Playing DC9, Oct. 25th


By Eileen Tilson

First off, congratulations on your success, there is such an incredible buzz about Those Darlins right now! How do you feel about all your recent
success, such as being one of the “powerful female bands” in the Oprah magazine? That’s huge!

Thank you… We feel very grateful to have been so fortunate so far, and we are ready for more. We are going to continue to keep working our asses off and I hope people continue to keep paying attention. Bring it on Oprah!

I heard someone refer to Those Darlins as the female version of the Kings of Leon, how do you feel about that, and do you agree?

I just killed myself.

Y’all are known for your great live shows; What’s the wildest and craziest thing 
that has ever happened at one of your shows?

We threw a propane tank at an old lady with a broken hip.

I love the fact that you are such a young bunch of rebels, where does your inspiration come from?


What’s life on the road with y’all like? Describe a day in the life of Those Darlins.
Wake up, get out of bed drag a comb across my head find my way downstairs and drink a cup of whiskey and looking up, I notice I am late find my coat and grab my hat make the bus in seconds flat find my way upstairs and have a smoke and somebody speaks and I go into a dream.

What should we looking forward to from Those Darlins?

Sex tapes.

Last but not least, if Those Darlins were a drink, what would be the ingredients?

Kelley is Vodka, Nikki is Awesome, and I am Awful mix it together and you got yourself an appletini.

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