TA Staff Members Pick the Best Horror Movies for your Halloween Party!

Halloween is just around the corner and we have the ultimate scary movie recommendations, perfect for your Halloween horror movie viewing party! So make a few cocktails, perhaps something with Orange Crush or a great Bloody Mary, and kick back and enjoy these great flicks:

Graphic Designer, Angela Scarola recommends:
Halloween (original 1978 film)
This will always be my favorite horror movie to watch during Halloween time. It is just a good
classic slasher movie by the great John Carpenter. It is low budget, yes, but Michael Myers has
been and always will be the ultimate creeper. There is no feeling like seeing him lurking in the
background in this movie. He doesn’t even have to speak and thats what makes this movie so
amazing. Laurie Strode is a pretty great heroine also.





Client Services Representative, Jennifer Ballard suggests:
Troll 2
I always have the hardest time picking my favorite of anything. My first instinct was to immediately blurt out The Shining or Poltergeist. However, since I have to choose, I’m going with Troll 2. Let me start by saying that Troll 2 is just awful. It’s not even about trolls; it’s about goblins, their kingdom and a family just trying to take a vacation. But it is every bit as special as it is terrible. There is something about this film that doesn’t allow you to hate it. You laugh at it and make fun of it, but you still sit through all 95 minutes. It’s as good as a double-decker bologna sandwich.





Client Account Manager, Molly Segers votes for:
Horror and gore has never really been my scene. I blame the clown doll in Poltergeist. I do love campy old horror movies, though. I’m talking the kind of campy that makes it onto Mystery Science Theater 3000. My favorite is probably Them. It’s in black and white and has all the snazzy special effects that you would expect from a horror movie made in 1954. Even better- it’s about GIANT ANTS! Giant ants building a colony underneath Los Angeles! There are flame throwers, missing children, and suspiciously slaughtered livestock – the makings of any great piece of cinema.




Client Services Representative, Etienne Faria picks:
Let The Right One In
Let the Right One In is a Swedish horror movie set in Stockholm which tells the story the friendship between a young boy, Oskar and his friend Eli. Oskar is regularly bullied by his classmates and treated like an outsiders until he meets Eli, a young girl who’s moved into an apartment with her care-taker. After Eli discovers that Oskar is being bullied at school, she encourages him to stand up to the bullies and eventually helps him. I don’t want to give away too many details, but the movie has been adapted and there is an American version called, Let Me In. It’s more than just a scary movie. I’d recommend it for someone who doesn’t necessarily want to watch a super scary movie, but who wants something eerie with a great story.


Client Services Representative, Johanna Isler likes:
I’m not a huge horror movie fan, but as a huge Tim Burton fan I would have to say my favorite Halloween movie is Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice). It is the cult classic story of a deceased couple whose house is being haunted by the living and the living are scarier than the dead. The couple realize it will take more than white sheets with holes cut out to scare the intruding family away, so they enlist Beetlejuice to get the job done. I’ve always loved weird, dark humor and Beetlejuice is definitely the quintessential morbid comedy. Plus, the soundtrack is awesome – “Day-O” and “Jump In The Line” – I mean, come on. The best.







Client Services Representative, Taylor Garner recommends:
I stumbled across Cube during a late night Sci-Fi channel binge. Unlike a lot of movies found under those circumstances, it turned out to be awesome. It’s a surreal mixture akin to an old Twilight Zone episode plus cheesy horror movie deaths. Five strangers are dropped randomly into a constantly changing cube of booby-trapped rooms. The characters slowly turn against each other as they, and the viewer, try to figure out what exactly the Cube is. It gained enough of a cult following to warrant two more films, but neither had the same appeal as the first.




Marketing Manager, Gini Strobel picks:
The Exorcist
I like to consider myself a horror movie guru! I love being scared and I challenge filmmakers to freak me out, but not with that torture, blood & guts crap like Saw (though I do love the old school slasher films like Friday the 13th and and Halloween). I like the supernatural: the ghosts, the vampires, the spirits, the possessions, and the mental cases. With that being said, I think The Exorcist is the best horror movie ever made. An innocent young girl gets possessed by the devil and her mother (Ellen Burstyn) seeks the help of two priests to rid her daughter of this entity. The music is creepy, the Georgetown setting is perfect, and it always feels so claustrophobic and contained. My Runner-Up films include: The Amityville Horror (1979), Poltergeist, and The Shining! You can’t go wrong with any of these!


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