Preview: Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden: Open November 17th – January 5th!

Photos and review by Shelby Lum

Hovering dragonflies, blossoming sunflowers and daises, and wispy butterflies are nothing new at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens—except for when they are made completely out of Christmas lights.

Illuminated with over one million lights, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens transforms during the holidays into a twinkling experience for families.  With 2011 as the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights inaugural year, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens now has a year of experience under its belt.

Upon walking into the gardens, my eyes were greeted by the massive LED stars hanging from the trees, and three vast Christmas trees to my left.  The walk leads up towards the blue and green lit canopy of lights.  Through the covered walkway, a little girl ran by me waving her own green glow stick as she neared the next Christmas tree, even more massive than the last three.

I catch up to her, and crane my neck up to see and take in the full view of blue and purple lights spiraling up towards the dark Atlanta skyline.  The lights shine in my face, and cast a mystical bluish glow onto the rest of the onlookers.

Beyond the tree, emerged giant orbs, which change colors to the tune of the holiday music playing.  As the music changed, the colors jumped and transformed their hues to match the classic holiday songs.

You also have the chance to dine among the giant praying mantis bringing gifts to the garden.  The Atlanta Botanical Gardens opens up the Glow Bar in the Edible Garden at night for visitors to enjoy a drink midway through their visit.  Kids can also roast marshmallows and drink cider in the garden while parents enjoy a beverage.

My walk through the Edible Garden also included rows of glowing daises, with pollinating bees included.  Pink winged butterflies also wafted their way over the shining daises, as I made my way through the garden.

My stay finished up with crossing over the bridge and into through candy cane colored trees, and into a white light forest, along with Lorax-looking trees.  The fountains at the bottom of the bridge were bathed in cool blue lights.

Even more, Garden Lights, Holiday Nights boasts eco-friendly principles.  The mass majority of the lights are “green” and use 80 percent less electricity than traditional lights.  The lights can also be used for five years, which means they can be reused for later years.

Garden Lights, Holiday Nights starts this Saturday, November 17th and lasts until January 5th from 5pm to 10pm.

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