Interning at Ticket Alternative & What it’s All About!

By: Shelby Lum

Well, one thing hasn’t changed between Atlanta and I: I am still getting lost.  I don’t know whether or not it is the city or my terrible sense of direction, but even with my GPS and leaving much earlier than needed, I still manage to arrive late to the Ticket Alternative offices.  Great first impressions right?

But other than my initial flub of getting completely lost, I have done nothing but love my internship here at Ticket Alternative and Atlanta Music Guide.  Jeans are okay, headphones and jamming to your favorite bands are encouraged, following Twitter and music news is practically mandatory, and I fill my day with looking for the best concerts in the city.  These are things I would do in my spare time, and now it is part of my job description.

I didn’t really know what to expect on my first day.  I didn’t know whether I would be fetching coffee, making copies, or actually helping with the blogs.  But starting day one, I was already writing.  I may only be a few weeks into this (and have finally succeeded in not getting lost), but this is exactly what I wanted to do.  I talk with artists, I give previews, and am getting more writing experience than in any classroom I have been in so far.

This has been awesome so far. What more can I really ask for?

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