Picture Book & Live Review: Men Without Hats @ The State Theatre, Nov. 29!

Photos & Review by Joy Asico!

Since 1982, Men Without Hats have been infecting the world with their catchy synthpop music. You won’t find a set of drums in this lineup. Although the original band members have moved on, lead singer Ivan Doroschuk is once again touring with the newly reformed group. The new Men Without Hats is now actually 2 men and 2 women – preferably without hats – and still sounding as good.

As lead singer Ivan Doroschuk stepped onto The State Theatre stage, he glanced over at the crowd and smiled with delight. He paused to hear the cheers from his fans that have remained loyal over the years. To honor their loyalty, the set began with songs from the very first MWH album – Rhythm of Youth album. Doroschuk sang “I Got the Message”, “I Like” and “Ideas for Walls” all in a row and jokingly interjected that he was caught in the “Trilogy of I’s.” The crowd laughed and then squealed with glee as Doroschuk surprised the audience with “Living in China” which was only found on UK version of Rhythm of Youth.

Since the first part of the set paid homage to the past, the next part touched base on the present. This year, Men Without Hats came out with their newest album called Love in the Age of War, which still has the original MWH roots but with a more current style. Doroschuk took command of the stage and sang “Head Above Water” and “The Girl With Silicon Eyes” from the most current album.

The show began with the first album and transitioned to the most current so it was only fitting to cover the whole MWH career span by also touching on their middle release. Pop Goes the World was an album with a major hit of the same name. When Doroschuk confessed that it had the cleanest content because it was the year his daughter Rachel was born, the crowd thanked Rachel for being the muse.

Circling back to Rhythm of Youth, Men Without Hats could not leave the stage without their most popular hit to date. It was the song that made MWH a household name in the 80’s and beyond. Doroschuk primed the crowd by saying “This the big one. Can you hear me out there? This is the one you’ve been waiting for!” And yes, it was the big one indeed. “Safety Dance” took over the entire venue and beckoned to “dance if you want to.” And so the crowd danced and danced and danced.

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  1. Hi Joy,

    I’m flattered that you think that Pop Goes The World had something to do with me, but I’m actually not Ivan’s daughter! Hahahaha good one, though.

    Rachel Ashmore
    Keyboards – MWH

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