Preview: Tea Leaf Green at The State Theatre Thursday, Nov. 15

By: Shelby Lum

Over ten years of experience, seven albums, and two DVDs makes Tea Leaf Green everything but a new comer to the music scene.  Even more, they don’t have a slew of past band members littered through their history.  Besides one, Tea Leaf Green has had a relatively consistent line up since its origins in the late 90s, especially when compared to most bands that have been around that long. 

With that said, their experience and practice are quite obvious.  Tea Leaf Green cannot really be shoved into a genre either.  Are they jam? rock? something else?  Their guitar solos rip through their long songs, which are consistently hit over the five-minute mark, and effectively killing the three-minute acceptable song range. 

These San Francisco natives have not only been impressing fans for years, but also caught the eye of Grateful Dead drummer, Bill Kreautzmann in 2006.  The famous jam band drummer teamed up with a film maker to create a documentary star
ring Tea Leaf Green, and the struggle of small bands. 

Also, you may notice an even more distinct difference than just sheer experience and superior recording.  That would be the second drummer.  Tea Leaf Green added another drummer recently to change up their dynamics.  While the two musicians may have differing styles, they compliment and pair nicely with each other in order to round out the sound and create a perfect backbone for the band. 

Tea Leaf Green comes to The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virgina Thursday, November 15.  The doors open at 6 and the band takes the stage at 8.  Jump on tickets now, because advance tickets are only $15 and $18 at the door. 

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