Preview: The Fighting Jamesons Wednesday, Nov 21st at The State Theatre

By: Shelby Lum

The Fighting Jamesons live up to their name.  To begin with, they have a fiddle player named Jeff McLaughlin.  Their band name actually is after the whiskey, solely so they could have free whiskey sent up on stage.  So this Irish rock band, is indeed quite Irish (even if they are from Virginia Beach).

The Celtic rockers are known for their lively shows (occasionally joined by bagpipes and a lot of Guinness).  Fans sing along with their traditional Irish songs, and take part in the drinking as well.  They have done covers of “The Irish Rover”, “Tell Me Ma”, and “Drunken Sailor”.

The Fighting Jamesons have been touring the east coast, and released their self-titled debut album last year.  They have worked at merging a modern day approach to Irish music.

Helping the upbeat, happy sound is the camaraderie between the band mates.  Not only are the members friends, but the bassist and the drummer are also brothers.  Listening to their songs, you can’t help but want to grab a beer and get up and sing along, even if you don’t know the words.

The band is returning to The State Theatre on Wednesday, November 21st, where they claimed to have performed their drunkest show to date without even missing a beat.  Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

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