Preview: Billy Woodward at Rock & Roll Hotel Friday, Dec. 28th

By: Shelby Lum

At times, bands can list their hodge-podge of musical influences and you are left wondering how they could possibly find inspiration in all of them.  Punk bands site the Ramones like it is their job, and the new wave of folk artists never seem at a loss to mention Mumford and Sons.

And here comes Billy Woodward & The Senders who say Sam Cooke and Elvis are among their biggest influences.  I will say it–I was skeptical.  Not that many truly retro bands are running around the music industry these days, yet Billy Woodward and the Senders seem to be an exception to that.

Woodward’s vocals are not quite the deep baritone of Elvis, but the musical style is surely reminiscent of the icons 50s and 60s retro sound.  You can actual see Danny and Sandy dancing to this bands’ tunes while at their high school dance.

Even Woodward’s slicked back, Pompador style hair is in line with his musical style and taste.

If the retro sound wasn’t enough to differentiate the group, Woodward is also an actor and an artist which gives his performances a distantly visual aspect in addition to the audio performance.  He acts in the Tony winning “Million Dollar Quartet” musical show.  His Elvis impersonations stem from his huge knowledge of the rock ‘n’ roll legend as well as his experience in Billy Woodward and the Senders.  He wanders about the free of charge DC museums looking for inspiration which can surely be heard in his music as well.

Billy Woodward at The Senders will be at Rock & Roll Hotel on Friday, December 28.  Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are only $10.

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