Preview: Dead Confederate 2 Day Event at The EARL Friday and Saturday Dec. 28th and 29th

By: Shelby Lum

Split into two days, Dead Confederate will perform Wrecking Ball in its entirety on Friday, and Peyote People their seven song EP on Saturday.

Highly reflective of their name, Dead Confederate is a meshing of alternative country and grunge.  Formed by high school friends, the band was later fulled out by three college friends.  Known to bring ragged energy mixed with Morris’ long drawls, the Athens, Georgia natives have taken the past four years to make a name for themselves.

Their songs are thick with reverb and distortion, the classic elements of grunge, but through several albums they have sharpened their sound and refined their style.  Dead Confederate seems to have found their unified sound that is specifically them, without having to pull too much from Cobain or other grunge sources.

After their debut album, Dead Confederate released Sugar, their sophomore effort, and the difference was unmistakable.  While their debut may have shown off their love for grunge, and Cobain’s influences on Morris’ vocals, their second album proved they could execute as well.

From 2008, Wrecking Ball, was Dead Confederate’s first full length album, and at Friday’s show, the audience will be able to hear the album in full.  BBC called the album “unsettling, raw and thoroughly impressive”.

Peyote People is their newest endeavor, and was recorded with an extended lineup of some of their friends.  Rather than officially releasing the EP with their label, they have made it available to their fans and listeners straight off of their website.  The band recorded the songs in two nights as they learned the songs in Chase park.

Dead Confederate will be at The EARL, Friday and Saturday December 28th and 29th.  Door open at 9 p.m. and tickets are just $10.

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