Preview: Forgetters at DC9 Wednesday, Jan. 2.

By: Taylor Magill

Originally thought a “poser” by his fellow punks, Blake Schwarzenbach has become a lot more punk with age. His original band, Jawbreaker was always on an indie label, Thorn of Life eventually faded away, and his current project, forgetters (no capital ‘f”) has managed to stay true to their DIY-punk roots despite an impressive resume from all the members.

In November 2009, The Village Voice wrote that “If forgetters wanted to, they could probably be a ‘supergroup’.  Even with the high praise, forgetters tends to keep  a low profile. With drummer Kevin Mahon being a member of the original Against Me! lineup, the Chicago Reader has described the band as a “lean, rough, power trio”.

forgetters recently returned from a two year hiatus and released a new album, Too Small To Fail. Although previous albums were thought to still contain Jawbreaker-isms, the new album moves away from that sound, creating some sludgy-yet psychedelic moments between Schwarzenbach and Mahon. Being a huge fan of Schwarzenbach’s previous work with Jawbreaker, I was originally skeptical of the forgetter’s newest album, but I am now relishing in this new and original sound. The album seems like a deliberate break from the band’s past and it’s definitely a good change of pace.

With the new, unique sound, forgetters East Coast tour will not be one to miss this Winter!

forgetters will be at DC9 on Wednesday, January 2nd! Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are only $10.

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