Preview: Lucero at Revolution Room Friday, Dec. 21

By: Shelby Lum

Usually, country, pop, and rock don’t go together.  But for the rock band out of Memphis, Lucero, those genres are meant to be melded.  Taking their southern, country influences and pushing them into their rock music, Lucero has released ten unique albums since 2000.

In essence though, Lucero is a group of story tellers.  They sing the stories of drinking, loving, growing up in the south, and simply living.  Their lyrics spin tales.

Their latest albums, the band has picked up a twangy-er guitar sound, and even more thoroughly embraced their roots.  Although they may have started out as a punk band, their southern roots were impossible to ignore.

Pitchfork said, “As much as they derive their sound from classic and Southern rock, Lucero also borrow from indie and punk sources like Pixies and The Replacements, taking pop noise from one and pop romanticism from the other.”

Joining them at Revolution Room is Jimbo Mathus & The Tri State Coalition on Friday December 21st.

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