Preview: Marah at Smiths Olde Bar Saturday, Dec. 22

 By: Shelby Lum

Marah has toured the country, the UK, and throughout Spain, and go by “the last rock n’ roll band”. They recently recorded “Life is a Problem”, after several mishaps as a band. Recording equipment being stolen, having to leave New York City, and the general chaos of being a band. Through that chaos though, came an album about that hardship (and not the cheesy cliche album about breaking through and surviving kind either).

Then came their farm house in Pennsylvania, and an old set of drums, and an organ bought off an Amish store. The band claims the old farm house to be part of their inspiration for “Life is a Problem”.

These rockers hold onto the remnants of old rock, and don’t let go. Their intoxicating melodies will get in your system, and take over.

Catch these guys (and gals) at Smiths Olde Bar Saturday, December 22 at 8 p.m.

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