Preview: Maximum Summer: The Bepstein Documentary at Black Cat, Tuesday, Dec. 11th

By: Shelby Lum

This is the story of the real life Peter Pan.

None of us have ever wanted to succumb to growing up, taking on responsibilities, and losing the grandeur of youth, but alas, it seems to be inevitable.

But then there is Benjamin Epstein (Bepstein), who wanted to continue living with the same outlook as a 14-year-old boy.  For a whole summer, he lived the “maximum summer” the time of your childhood of running through sprinklers, jumping into ice cold pools, racing down water slides, and general shenanigans with your best friends.

During his summer, he wrote a song a day for an entire month.  Some serious, but most not.  One of his songs was titled “I Wish I Knew How To Be A Grown Up”.

Rather than getting a summer job, Bepstein put his effort and time into things that were just silly.

Looking for something to do tonight?  Head to Black Cat for the premiere of this real life Peter Pan.  Bepstein may be tall, bearded, and in nearly every physical aspect “grown up”, but he refuses to relinquish his childhood.  Hear for yourself what his friends had to say about their childish buddy who never became an adult.

This is Bepstein.  This is his on going childhood.

Maximum Summer Trailer from Brat Cave on Vimeo.

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