Preview: Randall Bramblett at Eddie’s Attic Saturday, Dec. 22nd

 By: Shelby Lum

Guitar strumming music veteran, Randall Bramblett, will take the stage at Eddie’s Attic to join the ranks of other singer-songwriters who have flocked to the infamous acoustic venue.

Bramblett, a Georgia native, has released six albums since the mid 70s. For fans of James Taylor, Carole King, and Boby Dylan, Bramblett has been gaining acoustic fans across the southeast.

Regardless of your specific music taste, Bramblett is one for nearly every listener. He is a songwriter, a vocalist, and even joined the jazz rock band Sea Level to help with their lyrics and vocals. Growing up on soul music, he brings that into his acoustic performances for a different blend of genres.

Considered one of the best kept state secrets, he is one to begin following now that he has begun recording again after a break from the music industry.

He will also be selling his new, currently unavailable album at Eddie’s Attic this Saturday so don’t miss your chance to get the album before everyone else.

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