Interview with Felix White of The Maccabees! See them on Sunday, Feb. 17th at Black Cat in D.C.

2592_67788478139_2539654_nBy: Shelby Lum

The UK has been churning out stars since The Beatles, from Adele to Arctic Monkeys to One Direction.  The Maccabees hailing from Brighton, England rapidly garnered attention as the new, but different British band to follow.

“I think the only similarity is that we play guitar and that we are from England,” said Felix White, guitarist and backing vocals. “I think we are very different people.”

In 2007, the band released its debut album Colour It In, and have been touring and writing since.  The Maccabees newest album, Given to the Wild, was released last January, and the growth is clear.  The newest album is much more intimate and personal than before.

Coming off a tour with Arcade Fire, after their debut, The Maccabees took styles from Arcade Fire and made them their own, and pushed those new styles into their next two albums.

“We are trying to learn,” said White.  “I think we have changed a lot in the past six to seven years.”  In the music world, those years make them veterans of the industry.  Not to mention brothers in the band, Felix and Hugo, the group has been together and understanding each other’s styles for years.

But with those years and all the touring, the band has gotten to know each other even more than musically.  How could you not in a cramped tour bus, driving for dance on end? “Hugo brushes his teeth a lot,” Felix said with a laugh.  The constant touring can really weigh on musicians and artists.  “It’s stupid things like watching rubbish TV in the afternoon that you really miss.”

Maybe driving across the picturesque scenes America has to offer will be a nice change of pace for the British band.

“I always think that music sounds better touring from America because the journey is so long and its so beautiful,” said White. “It’s a really good way to get into music driving across America.”

So maybe the States will offer some inspiration to The Maccabees.  White said that they had not come to America as often as they would like.

Over the years, the young band grew up and became more matured and rounded out their style.  Another album is currently in the works for the band.

Catch The Maccabees at Black Cat, Sunday February 17th.  Doors open at 8 p.m.

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