Preview: Jucifer at Black Cat TONIGHT Jan. 8

283_23594431762_9230_nBy: Shelby Lum

Husband wife teams are nothing new in the industry. You had The White Stripes, Ike and Tina, and Sonny and Cher. Jucifer, the husband wife duo are also on that list.

Sludgy and lo-fi, the pair has been touring for a decade now.

Gazelle Amber Valentine takes up the lead guitar and vocals, and her husband Edgar Livengood plays the drums. Roaming the country in their RV, the sludgy metal band lives like nomads and follows the route of their shows. They have nine albums in tow, and will not be short on material for their packed show schedule.

Get ready for intense volume at Black Cat. Jucifer is known for stacking up a wall of amps from floor to ceiling and cranking the volume up to ear splitting decibels.

Lyrics focus on the terrors of war, and are matched with splitting screams from Valentine.  The dark and edgy style of the duo resonate throughout the night and nearly every show the two put on.

Metal lovers are in for a treat with Jucifer’s dark screams and almost maniacal guitar riffs.  Loud, emotional, and music veterans, Jucifer is a metal band you won’t want to miss.

Impassioned, and ready to bring a powerful live performance, Jucifer will be at Black Cat at 8 p.m.

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