Preview: Kid Congo Powers Hour at Black Cat on Friday, Feb. 1

kid congo.

By: Taylor Magill


Famous for working with the likes of Nick Cave, The Gun Club, and The Cramps, Kid Congo Powers is the stage name of American rock guitarist and singer, Brian Tristan. A second generation Mexican American, Powers got his start in the music scene by becoming president of The Ramones fanclub and running the fanzine for The Screamers. After meeting guitarist Jeffery Lee Pierce in 1979, Powers joined the group, The Gun Club. After quickly leaving Gun Club, Powers jumped from The Cramps to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Powers has also played with other successful bands like The Divine Horsemen, The Angels of Light, and The Fall.

In 2009, Kid Congo Powers updated his band members with Kiki Solis on bass, Ron Miller on drums, and Jesse Roberts on guitar and keyboards. The band label hopped to In The Red Records and released the LP Dracula Boots,  hailed by many critics as a “return to form”. British magazine N.M.E. said “In short, on Dracula Boots Kid Congo Powers has once again found the juicy jugular of soul-fired, funked-up rock’n’roll. You’d be foolish not to take a bite.”

In 2011 Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds released their follow up album, Gorilla Rose also on In The Red Records. Eamon Carr of The Dublin Evening Herald said of Gorilla Rose, “Having a working band is paying off. Gorilla Rose elevates seedy go-go weirdness to the level of high art.”

Kid Congo Powers will also be performing with Alex Minoff, The Ar-Kaics (members of The Shirks and ex-members of Chain & the Gang),  with DJ sets from Baby Alcatraz and DJ Cocobuttons.

With the promise of soul-fired, funked up rock’ n’ roll, The Kid Congo Powers Hour is one show you won’t want to miss.

Kid Congo Powers Hour is at Black Cat D.C. on Friday, Feb. 1st. Doors are at 9 p.m. and tickets are only $12.00.


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