Preview: Memory Tapes at DC9 on Monday, Feb. 4


By: Ashley Steeley

Dayve Hawk, the face behind recording alias Memory Tapes, is the former frontman of Philly based rock band, Hail Social. Memory Tapes was initially associated with the chill wave, “dream pop”, genre of music. Releasing his debut LP in 2009,Seek Magic features a 22-minute instrumental track titled, “Treeship”. However, each album has its own feel and instrumentation. Hawk plays everything heard on his records and has a history of mixing unconventional and unique sound effects with his recordings. He has been known to use such unusual sounds as a bicycle pump and the sound of squeaking sneakers on a basketball court in previous releases.

Memory Tapes’ second album, Player Piano, was said by Hawk to be “psychedelic girl group music”, and embodies more of a “band” sound than any of his other releases. Player Piano was nominated in 2011 for a GRAMMY Award for Best Short Form Music Video for “Yes I Know”. The third and latest LP, Grace/Confusion , was released on December 4, 2012 and can be heard on Memory Tapes’ sound cloud.

Be sure to catch Memory Tapes live at DC9 on Monday, February 4. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are only $10!

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