Preview: Mucca Pazza at Black Cat on Friday, Jan. 11


By: Taylor Magill

Mucca Pazza, perhaps one of the most interestingly named bands in rock and roll, is a 30 piece self-described “circus punk marching band” based in Chicago. The interesting name comes from “crazy cow” in Italian. Mucca Pazza has been performing together for seven years. They have played many well-known venues and festivals throughout the country such as Lollapalooza, Theater Bizarre, and Rothbury Music Festival. Mucca Pazza also appeared on Conan O’ Brien in 2006.

Their debut album, Little Marching Band, was released in 2006. Their follow-up album, Plays Well Together, was released in 2008 and “Borino Ono” from that album was featured in the television show, Weeds.  The band’s latest album, Safety Filth, was just released in 2012 and received warm reception from critics.

The band’s 30 pieces includes everything from accordions and violins, to clarinets, sousaphones, and sax, to cheerleaders and percussion.  You may be skeptical at first glance, but give the band a listen, and you too will be a believer.

With energetic, live performances and plenty to look at, their upcoming tour will be one not to miss!

Mucca Pazza will be at Black Cat on Friday, Jan. 11. Show is at 9 p.m. and tickets are only $12.00.

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