Preview: The London Souls, Thursday January 10th @ DC9

By: Taylor Magill

Praised by former Idolator editor-in-chief Maura Johnston as “amazingly tight… swampy rock music that should make any lazy rock radio programmer rethink the word ‘grunge'” and credited as “an absolute must-see” by The Tripwire, The London Souls unique mash-up of classic rock and grunge sounds have been captivating audiences worldwide since the band’s New York City formation in 2008. The band’s hard-hitting sounds have made them nothing short of the best kept secret among concert-goers in New York City, building a passionate fan base leveraged by their  reputation for explosive live performances.

The London Souls met for the first time on stage, previously only being able to rehearse via cell phone. Despite this being their first live performance as a unit, the band is quoted saying the performance felt nothing but “comfortable”. All members of the band share a deep love for Led Zepplin, Cream, and The Beatles. Their distinct sound comes from a desire to play mashed up genres of music while still keeping it accessible for a broad audience.

Their debut album was released in July of 2011. Since then their song She’s So Mad received airplay on FOX’s television show Fearless Music. Their song, I Think I like It was also featured on television in an Adidas commercial.

Their follow-up album, Here Come The Girls,  will be released January 8, 2012.

If you really want to be a believer of The London Souls, shell out the money for a ticket the next time they’re in town. You won’t be sorry. And while you’re there, celebrate my birthday for me!

The London Souls will be at DC9 Nightclub on Thursday, January 10. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are just $10.


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