Ticket Alternative Lanches a New Customizable Ticketing Platform


Here at Ticket Alternative, we’re always discussing new technology and ways our clients and customers can benefit from the latest software and apps. Often times these discussions turn into plans and actions, and today we’d like to share our latest development! Over the last few months our awesome “Dev” Team has been hammering away and developing a new customizable ticketing platform. We first launched the new software with our friends at Atlanta Botanical Garden. The Garden hosts an annual holiday seasonal event called, Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, an event that attracted over 162,000 visitors this season alone.

The software design approach allowed for rapid customization by Atlanta Botanical Garden for its valued Garden members with a feature that includes member-match functionality. By recognizing the user as a member of the Garden, members were presented with special on-sale dates, unique event opportunities, discounts, and lower priced tickets. Jason Diem, Visitor Experience Manager for the Garden, said, “The system’s flexibility enabled us to listen to needs of our marketing, financial, and member services departments to create a workflow that fits all requirements and offered a seamless, simple experience for the customer.”

If you’re a techie then you’ll want to know this: the new customizable ticketing platform is built on open source technologies and written with Ruby on Rails with a HTML 5 front end. The ticketing system is fully deployed on cloud-based architecture and can be scaled up or down depending on event demands and capacities. On top of a best-in-class platform stack, the software is standards compliant and modern or mobile browser-friendly.

The customer facing website offers a dynamic calendar that highlights new events, sold out dates, peak dates and prices, and membership up-selling. The look and feel of the website is highly customizable and was designed to match Atlanta Botanical Garden’s existing website. The cohesive brand experience will keep customers and future patrons at ease, and the site can even be used as the main website after the special event is complete.

This dynamic ticketing software tightly integrates web and box office sales. The box office component includes role-based security for box office agents, member validation, an event-driven calendar, real time updates on sales, live updates on entries and exits, and balanced transactions. Both the box office and the web sales portals provide customized and detailed data reports. Access Control is handled with off-the-shelf mobile devices; it operates on both iOS and Android platforms.

The new adaptable ticketing platform makes selling tickets on the software a simple process and training takes just a few minutes. “The idea was to offer a venue a customizable and complete ‘system-in-a-box’ providing deep functionality, rapid deployment, and top-notch ease of use,” stated Ross Rankin.

Not to rest on this success, we expect to launch a first version of the new Do-It-Yourself ticketing solution in Q2 2013. “Our clients are demanding specialized technology to better compete, drive more sales, and differentiate their events and now we are working to meet their changing needs and to build the best software solutions out there,” said Iain Bluett, President of Ticket Alternative. “The new software combined with our exceptional customer service and marketing opportunities will offer a highly personal and smooth ticket buying experience for venues and event patrons,” added Bluett.

In a nutshell, we’re thrilled that our Dev team is an amazing group of hard workers and we can’t wait to share the new software in the coming months! Feel free to send them coffee and energy bars.

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