Tupelo Craft Beer Festival @ Veteran’s Park in Tupelo, MS on Saturday, March 2nd!


Beer, we talk about it all the time at Ticket Alternative. We just can’t get enough of our favorite craft beers. Now days, there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from, which makes a craft beer festival the perfect place to sample hundreds of new brews.

Folks in Tupelo are getting pretty excited. Their first true craft beer festival is happening on Saturday, March 2nd in Veteran’s Park. Local food, local bands, and the best local vendors will help make this event a huge success. Tupelo Craft Beer Festival is hosted by Rhizome Productions, an organization that definitely knows a thing or 2 about beer festivals! Rhizome’s annual Nashville festivals like Brew at the Zoo, 12 South Winter Warmer, and East Nashville Beer Festival are all sell out events! Rhizome will continue to spread their love for beer this year as the company embarks on their first Tupelo festival!

So if you love a robust stout or a crisp, refreshing hefeweizen, we know that the Tupelo Craft Beer Festival will have the perfect beer to quench your thirst! Participating breweries can be found on their Facebook page, so click here!

Tupelo Craft Beer Festival
Veteran’s Park – Tupleo MS
Saturday, March 2nd, 12PM

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