Live Review: Flashdance at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, February 5th-10th


When we (The Ladies of TA) heard the news that Flashdance, The Musical was going to be at the Fox Theatre February 5th-10th, we were beyond excited. Songs and memories came flooding back, and we had an excuse to throw on some classic 80’s attire!

Dressed in our legwarmers, cutoff sweatshirts, side ponies, and blue eyeshadow, we confidently strutted through local restaurant, Publik for a pre-show cocktail hour and soon enough we were seated in the fabulous Fox Theatre for an over-the-top, fun evening!

Flashdance, The Musical is everything you want and more! The fast-paced music, the banter between characters, and the outfits put you right back in the 80’s. For those of you who loved the movie, you’ll be glad to know that the plot line stays the same. Shocking, I know! Alex is on a mission to get into the ballet academy while juggling her jobs as a welder and an exotic dancer, and in the meantime a new complex relationship is blossoming. To our delight, the backup dancers and the supporting actresses were just as skilled as the lead and wildly entertaining. Of course, The famous water scene and classic songs, ‘Maniac’, ‘Gloria’ and ‘Flashdance – What a Feeling’ are all included. The audience’s excitement contributed to this campy evening of glitz and 80’s glamour.

If you’ve never seen this iconic movie, don’t let that hold you back! It’s truly a blast and perfect for a girls night out or even a date!

Flashdance, The Musical is at the Fox Theatre now through February 10th! Grab your friends and go today!

Hillery, Gini, Molly, Jamie from the Fox Theatre, Sarah
Hillery, Gini, Molly, Jamie from the Fox Theatre, Sarah

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