Preview: White Ford Bronco at The State Theater on February 8th


By: Taylor Magill
April 26, 1992 — There were riots on the streets, but where were you? Fast forward to Christmas of  ’92 when little Matty received his first drum set from Santa. Little did Santa (and his parents) know that his incessant mad-man banging on the drums would eventually lead to actual music.

After retiring from the drums and abandoning the kit back in Connecticut, Matt met Diego who spent the 90’s shredding on guitar and singing vocals in the deserts on Arizona. The two got together and jammed until Matt realized that a drum set wouldn’t win him many friends in the tiny setting of a college dorm.

A few years later, the Gods of Rock smiled upon Matt and put in his path a house with a basement big enough for jamming and a guitar-shredding roommate simply known as “McNasty”. The aforementioned, Maryland transplant “McNasty” dusted off bass guitar found in the basement, Matt called up Diego, and White Ford Bronco was born. After adding Ken, a mutual friend and famous for consuming mass quantities of whiskey, to the band on the six string love machine, White Ford Bronco had many successes with Marylanders and decided to turn their attention to the Great White North for a vocalist. WFB found female vocalist Gretchen, in a small town called “Buffalo Newyork”.  After using their boyish charm and shots of whiskey, Gretchen was persuaded to join the joyride that is White Ford Bronco.

White Ford Bronco is famous for being dubbed Washington’s All 90’s band, and who doesn’t love 90’s music? The answer? No one. So if you’re looking for some awesome nostalgia this weekend, head to The State Theater and be transported back to the days of flannel, overalls, and My So-Called Life.

White Ford Bronco will be at The State Theater in Falls Church, VA on Friday, Feb. 8th.  Show is at 8 p.m. and tickets are only $12.00.

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