Interview with Harmonic Blue playing Rock & Roll Hotel on Friday, March 29

297676_270514256310238_4211761_nBy: Shelby Lum

The members of Harmonic Blue are do-it-yourself kind of guys. From writing original songs, to booking all their own shows for their upcoming summer tour, to learning how to play music (without formal training), Harmonic Blue has been pushing into the music industry with their work ethic.

“It’s a do it yourself booking situation,” said lead guitarist, Anthony Ajluni.

But they do have New York on lock, added vocalist Zach Field.

After you take New York, its only a matter of time for the rest of the cities to follow.

They have the traditional coming together story: old friends taking dorm room jamming to a new level, but the members of Harmonic Blue aren’t your usual set of musicians.

Only drummer, Sam Balcom, went to school to study jazz music at Towson, while the rest studied business at University of Maryland, College Park. As fitting for business students, the band holds business meetings.

“We are business students, which is like the anti-cool, but it helps out,” Ajluni said. “We’re not doing Exel sheets or anything.”

“What’s our sales for 2012?” Field asked jokingly.

“Like 3 CDs and a tshirt,” was Ajluni’s response.

But with the different backgrounds and fields of study come different perspectives and influences, and Harmonic Blue uses that to its advantage.

Bassist Gabe Bustos said he thought one of the band’s distinct advantages comes from having four minds working toward creating the music, which makes for a strong creative force.

“It really allows us a lot of diversity in the sound, because not every song and every production and every idea is coming from one person’s head,” Bustos said.

Last fall, the band released the EP Villa Borghese, and they have been playing on the east coast and especially in the DC and Baltimore area promoting it. Come June 1st, the band is hoping to take the tour to a broader area, as far south as Atlanta.

Before that big summer tour takes off though, the band will be playing at Tigerfest in Baltimore and opening for Wiz Khalifa.

“When we thought that those glory days were over we actually just won Towson’s Battle of the Bands,” Bustos said, and with that win comes a nice slot at Tigerfest.

The band’s jazz, folk, pop style has been evolving and changing since Harmonic Blue’s beginning. “I feel like we are honing in on a more solid sound,” Field said. “From our first demo we actually learned a lot.”

But 2013, (probably) won’t hold any new music releases from Harmonic Blue.

“We just released the EP Villa Borghese at the end of 2012. Currently we are writing the full length album, but I don’t think it will come out until 2014,” Ajluni said.

Bustos agreed the 2014 release time would be better for the band, as well as the music quality.

“One of the reasons why we are waiting until early 2014 to record this, like we’ve already got a lot of the songs written, but we really want to demo them all our selves, play through them, try different versions of each song,” Bustos said.

This will turn 2013 into a year of promoting their current EP. Hopefully a few more tshirt sales will be part of the year as well.

“At this point we are looking to make the leap to the professional level because we like it so much,” Ajluni said.

A few weeks ago, the band released a video for the song “Silver Spoon.”

Harmonic Blue is scheduled to play at Rock & Roll Hotel for their first time yet on Friday March 29th.


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