Jillian Michaels’ “Maximize Your Life” Tour Comes to The Fox Theatre April 21st- Q & A Inside!

Jillian Michaels

Q & A By: Dan Pine
Contributing l Correspondent

Jillian Michaels, the relentless drill sergeant on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” who became a fitness icon and health and wellness guru, is hitting the road with her first-ever live tour. Dubbed “Maximize Your Life,” Michaels’ stage show will be an interactive experience that’s part lecture, part theater, and Michaels hopes, pure inspiration.

This is one night you won’t want to miss! Sunday, April 21st, Jillian Michaels will be at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Make sure you check out the Q & A below to see what Jillian has to say about the show!

Q: What will people get out of your “Maximize Your Life” live show?

JM: Obviously you’re going to learn how to lose weight and how to keep it off. But that’s not what the show is about at its core. I want you to walk out being connected to your passion and authentic truth, with a clear, defined goal of what you want for your life, for your physical health and every other facet of your reality. Then you will learn how to redefine your self-image and reboot your confidence. You’re going to walk away believing in your ability to achieve your goals. And I’m going to give a set of steps, a skill set and a toolbox of how to achieve these goals. In the show we’re going to get to the bottom of why you and your dreams and your goals are worth it and subsequently how to achieve them.

Q: What will you actually be doing in the two hours?

JM: It’ me on stage but I’m engaging the audience throughout. I’ll be bringing different audience members on stage. There are exercises they go through, and questions to think about, write down and explore throughout the show. There are huge LED screens behind me taking people on this journey, so what I talk about you will see illustrated behind me. You won’t see so much Jillian the tough taskmaster in the show. I will confront you, challenge you and call you on the carpet, but there’s not going to be any yelling.

Q: You tell audiences your own story, and describe your persona struggles with food and weight.

JM: I’ve walked this path and know what it’s like. It’s like being a dry drunk. Once you use food for comfort, you always use food for comfort. You always have those issues. It’s who you are. Whether you’re an alcoholic, or use drugs or spend too much money, or eat too much, it’s the same issue. You’re nourishing yourself in destructive ways. So this show is my way of saying to people ‘I get it.’ Although bad things may have happened to you, now you’re victimizing yourself and repeating the pattern. Here’s how to stop it. Here are ways of feeding that need that are life-affirming, not self-destructive.

Q: On “The Biggest Loser” we’ve seen you push people beyond their endurance. Why?

JM: The reason I yell on ‘The Biggest Loser’ is because I’m dealing with a group of people who are literally killing themselves, who are digging a grave with their teeth. They are in a life-or-death intervention on that show. I need them to understand very quickly that the pain of where they are is greater than the pain in their fear of change. In addition, I need them to have success and achievement in that gym, because that’s the how-to of an accelerated transformation. I’m trying to set up an experience of success, where the glass is half full and they know what it feels like. And I need them to take responsibility for the state of their life. What they’ve done, how they’ve created this pattern. Because if you don’t take responsibility, then you don’t have the power to change it.

Q: “The Biggest Loser” is a competition where the number on the scale is all that matters. How do you feel about that?

JM: For me it’s never been about building a better body. It’s about building a better life. It’s about utilizing health as a platform to build your life, and utilizing fitness to redefine self-image. It’s never been about weight. Health is an entry point for a total transformation in your life. You’re not just healthier, you’re a happier human being.
I want you to be a healthy individual, physically and emotionally. Granted you’re not always going to be happy. Bad things are going to happen, but how you respond to those bad times is what will help you grow, so that things get better, not worse. That’s my goal.

Q: It’s one thing to tell people they need to kick-start their goals. It’s another to show them exactly how to do so. How do you do that?

JM: You have to establish a lasting source of motivation. The way you do that is by establishing your ‘Why.’ People can accomplish any ‘how,’ as long as they have a ‘why’ to live for. Maybe it’s fitting in that wedding gown, or walking your daughter down the aisle, living to 100, meeting your great-grandchildren or wearing a bathing suit on the beach for your 20th anniversary. What is the ‘why?’ When you have it, it makes any ‘how’ tolerable.

Q: So who should go to your show?

JM: If you feel stuck, like you wake up every day asking is this all there is, then this is the show you need to come to. I will get you unstuck. I will help you realize that the possibilities for your life are unlimited. It’s just a matter of having the tools and the skill set to achieve that.

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