Preview: Whitest Kids U’ Know @ The State Theatre in D.C. on 3/22


The “Whitest Kids U’ Know” formed in 2000 when Trevor Moore, Sam Brown and Zach Cregger lived in the same dormitory while attending New York’s School of Visual Arts. Later added to the troupe were Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter.

Whitest Kids U’ Know began performing comedy sketches live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 2003. 3 years later, in 2006, they won the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival award for the Best Sketch Group. The same year, a self-titled album was released which contained several audio skits and songs that would appear in season one. In 2007, they moved to the screen for their self-titled comedy series, the first season being aired on Fuse then moving to IFC (Independent Film Channel) for the later seasons. The series lasted 5 seasons and aired its last episode on June 17, 2011.

In addition to their TV show, Trevor and Zach wrote, directed and starred in their first movie, “Miss March” which was released in 2009. They recently finished another feature film, “The Civil War on Drugs“.

Many of their sketches can be found on YouTube. Some of their most popular videos include, “The Grapist“, “We Buy Drugs“, and “Abe Lincoln“.

Tickets to see the Whitest Kids U’ Know at The State Theatre in D.C. on Friday, March 22 are $18.

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