So you want to intern at Ticket Alternative?


By: Taylor Magill


Since arriving in Atlanta from a small town in rural North Georgia, I’ve immersed myself in the music scene. From interning at Center Stage-The Loft-Vinyl and working as a door girl at The Masquerade, I had experienced the venue aspect and was extremely excited to see a different side of things here at Ticket Alternative and Atlanta Music Guide.

From day one, I was put to work scheduling tweets and blog posts about all kinds of upcoming shows from Atlanta to DC and tons of other places across the country. I got to learn the importance of social media management, SEO optimization, and other marketing strategies in a completely hands-on way. Plus, the fact that you can jam to your favorite tunes in your headphones and finally have a job where you can wear your slew of band t-shirts your mom told you to throw away is pretty awesome.

Writing for Atlanta Music Guide has been an incredible experience as well. I’ve visited different venues in Atlanta that I had never been to, gotten up-close to artists for photo ops, and the best part is-the free entry that comes as a job perk! AMG is also a great place to pitch creative ideas. Early on in my internship, I pitched the idea of a weekly column and got the go-ahead.

Ticket Alternative/Atlanta Music Guide has been nothing but a great experience for me and I’m so grateful to everyone here for allowing me to learn and improve my skills during my internship. If you’re looking for an internship to do way more than fetch coffee, be exposed to tons of new music, and work with some of the coolest people in Atlanta, then this is definitely where you want to be!

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