Ticket Alternative Launches CRM

KSU Owls LogoTicket Alternative client, Kennesaw State Athletics is the first client to go live with our new CRM product. It coincided with the launch of their football micro-site. At the beginning of March, Padraic McMeel, associate athletics director for external operations, said “We are extremely excited to launch the KennesawStateFootball.com micro-site. This site is intended to provide fans and members of the Kennesaw State University community with in-depth news and information regarding football, the Priority Points System and Priority Seating program, the process for purchasing tickets, and a calendar of events pertaining to football.”

The interactive micro-site introduces fans to a newly-instituted Priority Points System and Priority Seating program developed by The Owls Fund. The primary goal of the seating plan is to achieve an equitable distribution of seating to 8,300-seat Fifth Third Bank Stadium that will host the inaugural Owls football game in the fall of 2015.
The intent of the policy is to reward those who have been supporters of Kennesaw State Athletics while allowing new supporters the opportunity to acquire appropriate seating given their annual contributions to The Owls Fund.

The four key reasons for developing a Priority Seating and Parking Policy for Kennesaw State Athletics are:

  • Ensure overall fairness by reflecting each donor’s ranking within The Owls Fund and Priority Points System
  • Reward those who have been loyal donors/or season ticket holders, have increased their annual giving, made capital or endowment gifts and given consistently over time
  • Allow donors to secure parking locations that reflect their standing within The Owls Fund and Priority Points System
  • Allow the Department of Athletics flexibility to review the seating and parking policy every three years to maintain a system of equity in seat assignments

The new website also will provide in-depth information on how to purchase football tickets with step-by-step directions. The six-step process includes:

  • Completing a Letter of Intent (LOI) ticket request form
  • Getting involved to build priority points
  • Tracking and continuing to build priority points
  • Confirming the number of tickets requested and an Owls Fund donation
  • Mailing of a seat selection appointment
  • Selection of seats in early 2015

With our new CRM product, Kennesaw State Athletics get a 360 degree view of their customers’ ticketing, donation and purchase history to enhance each customer interaction and maximize revenue potential for their organization.

Here are some screenshots highlighting some of the features of the product.

Ticket Alternative CRM
Complete view of all customer purchases, donations and interactions


Ticket Alternative CRM

Ticket Alternative CRM
Sales Opportunity View
Ticket Alternative CRM
Donation Opportunity screenshot



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