Client Corner: How Google+ Can Help Promote Your Event


With the help of your awesome concerts, festivals, and shows serving as amazing talking points, we continue to create great content with artists interviews, show previews, and giveaways. Besides creating the content, we also look for ways to maximize our reach and share your event with larger audiences. We know that people want to hear about your events, but we have to find direct ways to reach potential patrons. The #1 reason people do not attend events is not because of a lack of funds, it’s because they simply don’t know about the events. Through the process of sharing your content, we have learned a few tips that we’d like to share today!

1. Create a Google+ Account for your Venue, Festival, or Company:

This may seem surprising, but you are creating a Google+ page because you want to maximize your search engine rankings, Not because you’re trying to achieve your same Facebook following. Of course, followers help and it’s important to engage with them, but Google will index pages and information on the search engine much quicker when the information is shared on Google+. It’s their social platform, naturally they give it priority.

2. Create a Personal Google+ Page for the Author of the Blogs:
When you (the venue/festival) or your writer publishes a blog about an event on WordPress or Blogger, Google will index the post more quickly if it has a Google+ plug-in attached. This function is known as rel=”Author”. Linking your content to your Google+ profile is a two-step process. First, you add a link from your blog to your personal (or company) Google profile. Second, you update your Google profile by adding a link back to your site. Click Here for step by step instructions. By doing this, you also become an “expert” on your subject when people search for your events.

3. Use Keywords in your Blog and your Blog Title Posts that are Popular Search Terms.
Use the artist or event name and event relevant terms like “Atlanta Concerts” or “D.C. Beer Fest”. These are terms that people will search for in Google. Be sure to tag your post with keywords, but don’t over use keywords. It’s not necessary to mention the band’s name more than a few times. Google reads websites the same way we do, so keep it natural.

4. Post your Blog Content on your Venue’s/Festival’s Google+ Page:
The more places you can post your content the faster Google will index the page. Post the content on your venue’s/festival’s Google+ page along with Twitter and Facebook to maximize the reach and allow for quicker indexing.

We realize that that the social media industry and SEO are constantly changing and we’ll continue to keep you updated on new opportunities and best practices that will help you promote your event and sell more tickets!

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