Client Corner: Sell More Tickets with Retargeting Ads!


Did you know that approximately 98 percent of potential ticket buyers abandon their shopping carts before completing the purchase? What if you had the opportunity to reach out to those customers and encourage them to attend your event?

With Retargeting Ads, you can directly target those potential ticket buyers that may be on the fence about making the purchase. (photo © Costa1980 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images)

 Here’s how Retargeting works:

1.When customers click on the “Find Tickets” button on your event page and then abandon the site, a tracking cookie is placed on their computer.

2. As the customers continue to browse the internet, they are served your advertisement which encourages them to return to your event page and purchase tickets.

3. The customers click on the ad and are directed to complete their ticket purchase.

4. The ads stop once the customers have purchased tickets.

Retargeting is also great for up-selling season tickets, series tickets, parking, and other additional services.

Venues and promoters are seeing average returns of $8:1 all the way up to $17:1. The best part about Retargeting is that you (the venue/promoter) are in control of the campaign. Ad buys typically start at around $200 and are based on CPMs, cost per thousand impressions. You set the budget and the ads run until the budget is reached or until the show or event takes place (whichever occurs first). You also have complete control over the design of your ads. We’ll provide the dimensions and you create the best messaging for your event.

Analytic reports are emailed throughout the campaign along with a final settlement report.

With so many advertising opportunities available these days, it makes the most sense to target potential customers that have already expressed interest in attending your event(s). Send them a note and tell ’em to come check out your show or festival. Make it fun and appealing!

If you’re interested in trying a Retargeting campaign, contact the Marketing Department at We’ll help you get set up.

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