Magnetic Music Festival – Information & Schedule

Magnetic Music Festival Information FAQs Schedule

The inaugural Magnetic Music Festival  is Saturday April 20th! We have a few reminders for you to help ensure a fun and worry-free festival experience.

There is always a chance tickets could sell out in advance, so we would like to remind you to purchase tickets ahead of time so you do not risk missing out on the fun. Please do not purchase tickets from scalpers and beware of frauds.

Don’t forget to download your copy of the artist schedule. With three stages, and 30+ artists and performers, plan ahead so you do not miss your favorite acts. The schedule will be posted inside the festival as well.

Lastly, here is all the pertinent info you will need to know to have a great festival experience!


16+ to enter, 21+ to drink, State or Government issued ID required to enter.

Zero Tolerance for Illegal Activities:

Use of illegal drugs is not permitted. Anyone using illegal drugs will be subject to removal from the festival.

There will be EMT’s and Security onsite around the clock at various locations. Please see the festival map for where EMT’s will be located. If you are in need of anything please find the nearest security guard for assistance. Drink plenty of water and keeping hydrated throughout the event.


There will be a variety of alcoholic beverages available to festival attendees who have a valid ID showing that they are 21+.

Food And Beverages

There will be a variety of food and beverages that you can purchase all throughout the festival grounds.

There will be 21+ beer gardens that serve a variety of alcoholic beverages to patrons who have a valid ID showing that they are 21+


There will be ATM’s located throughout the festival grounds. Please refer to the festival map for where these locations are.


Acceptable Forms of Identification for Entry

Any U.S. government issued driver’s license or identification card provided that it contains a photograph and date of birth.
– A U.S. or foreign government issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth.
Unacceptable Forms of Identification for Entry

– School identification.
– Consular identification.
– Licenses issued in countries other than the U.S.
– Expired identification of any kind.


• Gates open at 1pm

• No Re-entry/Ins and Out’s
• No refunds or exchanges
• This event is Rain or Shine
• No unauthorized vendors allowed


NO Illegal Substances
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
NO Pets
NO Laser Pointers
NO Glass, Cans, Cups or Coolers
NO Markers, Pens or Spray Paint
NO Stickers, Flyers, Banners or Posters
NO Open Packs of Cigarettes or Unsealed Tampons (Upon Entry)
NO Outside Food or Beverages (Including Alcohol)
NO Weapons of any Kind
NO Professional Recording Equipment – Photo, Video, or Audio (No
Detachable Lenses)
NO Video Cameras


OK Small Bags, Single Compartment Backpacks and Purses (maximum 10” x 10”)
OK Fanny Packs
OK Non-Professional Flash/Still Cameras
OK Cell Phones
OK Sunglasses
OK Hats
OK Lighters
OK Closed Packs of Cigarettes
OK Earplugs
OK Sealed Chap stick and Lip gloss
OK Glowing/Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry
OK Sealed Packs of Gum


Magnetic Music Festival Schedule Line Up
Magnetic Music Festival Schedule Line Up


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