TA Live Weekend Picks!

6365_10152146886789460_782135401_nBy: Shelby Lum

Take a deep breath and enjoy your weekend with the best concerts around! In addition to taking in some basketball, with the Final Four in Atlanta, make sure you catch up with the local music scene. Awesome shows in D.C. & Atlanta!

Friday, April 5th-Darwin Deez at Black Cat

The indie band out of New York will be in DC this weekend. Before the band was getting attention here in the states, they were getting a lot of hype in the UK. Songs for Imaginative People was released this February, meaning new songs will be played at the show at Black Cat.

Friday, April 5th-Redd Kross at Black Cat

Redd Kross has been playing rock music for years, and they are good at it too. Two brothers started the band when they were in middle school, and other than a short hiatus, the band has been touring for over thirty years. They have got their feet on the ground, and they just released an album after several years. Don’t miss this at Black Cat!

Friday, April 5th-Kick the Robot CD Release with Sean Newberry, and Fuel for Ghosts at Vinyl

The Georgia rock trio has decided to release their new CD at none other than Vinyl. They have been sweeping the city in a thorough tour of Atlanta venues. They won Atlanta Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands last March, and they are looking to step it up with their newest album.

Saturday, April 6th-Joe Robinson at Eddie’s Attic

This guy can’t even remember a time when he wasn’t playing guitar. That’s how long he has been playing. He plays his own form of blues, rock and funk, and then later becoming more acoustic in style. Come check out this skilled guitar player at Eddie’s Attic this weekend.

Saturday, April 6th-Lauren Matthews at Vinyl

For a smooth and totally raw form of music, Lauren Matthews at Vinyl is where you need to be. She has an old school, bluesy charm that will stay in your mind for hours after the concert is done.

Saturday, April 6th-Little Tybee with Jeffrey Butzer & The Bicycle Eaters at The EARL

One thing about Little Tybee, they are reflective of their name. Starting off on the coasts of Georgia, they have moved up to the capitol of their state to pursue their music even further. The indie band is something that could only be produced on the coast with their unique flare and style.

Saturday, April 6th-The Black Angels at Black Cat
The psychedelic rock band will be at Black Cat. Even better, they got their name from the Velvet Underground. That’s good enough for me! Don’t miss these guys while they are in DC.

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