Interview: Blank Realm; Playing @ Black Cat 5/27

blank realmPart of Australia’s burgeoning underground rock scene in the 2000s and 2010s, Brisbane’s Blank Realm feature siblings Daniel, Luke, and Sarah Spencer, as well as their “spiritual brother” Luke Walsh. Inspired by the usual indie rock touchstones like Sonic Youth, Blank Realm also incorporated Can and Amon Düül’s hypnotic repetition into their expansive, flowing songs.

They began releasing music in 2007, starting with the albums Blight Monument, You Don’t Know the Devil Till You’ve Seen Him in a Flower, and Free Time. They then embarked on a prolific stream of releases, including several works for Not Not Fun, Digitalis, and Music Your Mind Will Love You. In 2010 Deja What? was issued by the Bedroom Suck label, which also released 2012’s Go Easy. That album was re-released by Fire Records in May 2013.

Of course, we had to chat with the guys to get the lowdown on the first gig they ever attended, the best gig they’ve played and their dream gig! Check it out!

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

Hopefully this isn’t too cringe, but R.E.M. on their Monster Tour, probably about 10 or so years past their prime, but we were stoked. What’s the frequency Kenneth?

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

That’s a tough one, but probably one of the house shows we’ve played in Brisbane at Matt Kennedy’s house. Maybe the one with Chrome Dome, maybe the one with Royal Headache. Both joyous occasions. Also when we played with Jandek, believe it or not, the after party was amazing.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

Arthur Lee and Love in Byron Bay, Australia.

Gig you would most like to play?

Supporting the Stones on their 50th Anniversary Tour, I doubt it would go down very well with the punters, but the backstage hangs would give us hilarious stories for life.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

Dragon, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks at a Sydney pub in the mid 70s.

Don’t miss Blank Realm playing at Black Cat Monday, May 27!

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