Interview: Hardy Morris Of Dead Confederate; Playing The Black Cat 5/17

dead-confederate-bandFor the uninitiated, Dead Confederate is a five-piece rock band from Athens, GA whose music runs the gamut of infectious psychedelia to a uniquely southern and ferocious dirge. Although, placing labels on a band like this is rather pointless as their sound seems a constant and fluid evolution; they never seem content with abiding by the guides of one sub-genre, so maybe it’s best we just leave it at “rock” for simplicity’s sake.

With their third full-length, “In The Marrow”, recently released, Dead Confederate has been hitting the road hard sharing their new music with fans around the country. For old time’s sake, we dug up this awesome interview with Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate that’s been in our vault of interviews from a couple years back! Check it out!

What is the most outrageous gift you’ve ever received from a fan?

A fan once made a box full of odd things, like charms and guitar pics, and then remembered she forgot something and came back in with an old Mars bar, that she says she thought of me when she saw it.

How do you take your coffee?

One spoonful of sugar, unless I am hungover, in which I put some milk in it, so I am can slam it back quick! Now I have a questions for you! What do coffee and Eric Clapton have in common? They both suck without Cream!

If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

You know I don’t really think about things like that, but I guess Kevn Kinney; I actually have thought about doing some sort of collaboration with Drivin n Cryin.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Oh Christina Ricci, for sure! Even back in the Adams Family days… we are about the same age, so we kind of grew up together… I like that she still has a dark side.

If you were a girl for one day, who would you most want to take on a date?

Patton Oswald.

Can you play the ukulele?

I have never tried, but I probably could, and I would probably be great at it!

How do you feel about tequila?

I am drinking a margarita right now! Ha, so I feel pretty good about it!

If you were a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby, what would your name be?

“Good God!” I’ve actually thought about how “Good God” would be the perfect name for a heavy metal guitar band… but then I would definitely have to grow my hair out.

If you were the star of your own reality TV show, what would the name be?

“Nerd Alert!”

Can you dance?

Yes, well in my own way, but probably not to other people’s standards. My moves make me happy though.

What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?

Fishing! I love pond fishing; anytime I can get down to Augusta, I love fishing in the Savannah river.

Catch Dead Confederate playing at the Black Cat, tomorrow, May 17! Tickets below!

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