Interview: UV Race; Playing with Total Control @ Black Cat 5/25

uv race_1By Ellen Eldridge

The Aussie genius avant-tards UV Race, a band that drags melodious pop songs through a glam-punk aesthetic similar to bands like Ty Segall and Eddie Current Suppression Ring, released its third LP last year on In The Red Records alongside the band’s first feature-length film.

Drummer DX answered some questions for our 5GB interview:


What is the strangest thing a fan has done for you?

Sent us pornographic pictures of themselves fornicating with the sun. Art.

What is the funniest moment you have had as an artist/band so far?

That is very difficult. Basically, life is a long procession of meaningless tasks in service of rich people and occasionally you get to laugh. You join a band like this so you can laugh more than you would at your job or school. I have been laughing over the last five years non stop. Look at this photo of Marcus.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

No. Tequila helps.

If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be?


How do you connect with a crowd?

There are six of us so usually someone is falling into someone. That’s a good connection.

How did you come up with your band name?


What is the best way to write music?

For effect. When you listen to The Pagans you’re feeling something very direct and primal. This is ideal.

Check out UV Race with Total Control at the Black Cat Saturday, May 25! Grab your tickets below.

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