Interview with Nate of Tera Melos playing at DC9 Saturday May, 4

13748_185083810317_153066_nBy: Shelby Lum

Don’t ask Tera Melos where the name came from, because they aren’t telling.

“We don’t tell anyone how we got that name,” said bassist, Nate Latona. “I think it’s more interesting and interactive if people look into it themselves.”

The band’s show at DC9 will not be its first in DC either. Tera Melos has already played at Rock & Roll Hotel as well as Black Cat, but the DC9 stage will be new territory for the band.

The California trio released X’ed Out on April 16th, and Latona said the album is different than the band’s previous albums.

“It’s more of a focused, concise realization of stuff we have done before,” he said. “We have harnessed everything and edited out a lot of elements or parts that maybe seemed like they were a bit over the top, a little self indulgent.”

Latona said he thought it was a more concise vision.

“This movement of how it’s important to tour and try and reach new audiences–in that aspect we share a lot with other bands,” Latona said.

Yet Tera Melos hasn’t been taking many other tips from other musicians. Tera Melos can loosely be called math rock, but very loosely. The members also weave a progressive garage, post punk, among other things, and the band juggles its technical quick style, with creating music people would be intrigued by.

“We started as four people and the goal was to make music that was interesting to us,” he said. “We of course hoped people would recognize it and like it.”

Like-ability though, was never at the top of their list.

“Getting a reaction out of people seemed more important than somebody liking it or disliking it,” Latona said.

Tera Melos is schedule to play at DC9 on Saturday, May 4th. Hopefully you grabbed your tickets before the show SOLD OUT!

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