Picture Book & Review: He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister @ Black Cat!


Photos & Review by: Tommy Dingus

What better way to spend a rainy evening in the nation’s capital than with the sunny surfer sounds of Hollywood, Florida’s Beach Day? Kimmy belts it out and plays lead guitar, Natalie backs her up and plays bass, and Skyler seems content to head bang on the drums. Reminiscent of the sock hop days, the sassy pair of ladies sang sweet rhythms while Skyler ran the snare through that familiar double tap.

It’s a good thing that Kopecky Family Band is so close, because it was a snug fit getting all six of them plus however many instruments they played on the compact Black Cat backstage. Gabe, one of the co-founders of the family, even had to run off stage and out the back door to change guitars on one occasion. KFB is an incredible spectacle of audio/visual shapeshifting. Three different members played the same bass guitar. Four different members drummed at one point or another. There were two keyboards, two trombones, a cello, multiple tambourines and an iPad. Matriarch Kelsey Kopecky’s family nature showed when she pushed Gabe’s glasses  back up the bridge of his nose. He paid it forward by distributing all the handheld percussion instruments to the crowd to assist in their final song.

When it was time for He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister to take the stage, they put on their body suits or makeup, mounted their drums and set the place ablaze. Rob (he’s the brother), and Rachel (she’s the sister) Kolar front this five-piece free spirited party from LA. HMBSMS is one of those bands that you can’t decide who to watch. Do you watch the stunning frontwoman in the body suit with the belt made of trinkets? Or the ringmaster with the big hat? Or the sparkly shirtless Oliver playing an upright bass that looks like it was a southwestern art project? Or the buff slide guitar player sitting to the left? Or quite possibly the most interesting aspect of this band, the tap-dancing drummer, Lauren Brown? Towering over the rest of the band in a way that would make most guitarist-butt-watching drummers jealous, Lauren stands atop an overturned bass drum and taps out the heartbeat of the songs. Sometimes slow, sometimes breakneck, but HMBSMS are guaranteed to leave you sweaty and tired from bouncing.

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