Weekend Picks: Violet Rockers, Sons of Bill, Donna the Buffalo and more!

582333_4060148669227_491622001_nBy: Shelby Lum

Our concerts are just as diverse as our readers! This weekend pop into Black Cat for hard rock or into the State Theatre for roots Americana with Donna the Buffalo. Here are TA Live’s Weekend Picks:

Friday, May 10th-Violet Rocker at Black Cat

Violet Rocker isn’t your average rock band. They aren’t even your average band. They hit you hard with heavy riffs and a performance that changes everything you think about live music.
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Friday, May 10th-Andy Davis at Eddie’s Attic

A blend of acoustic and rock music, Andy Davis weaves the perfect mixture of soulful music. The singer-songwriter has had music featured on “Greys Anatomy” which is famous for finding the best music for each show. Don’t miss his performance at Eddie’s Attic
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Friday, May 10th-Beauregard & the Down Right with Copius Jones, heyY!Alligator at The Basement at Graveyard Tavern

This Atlanta native will be taking over The Basement on Friday. His eclectic blend of reggae and folk music has brought him up and down the east coast touring. His first EP was released in 2011, and he hasn’t stopped since. Joining him is Copius Jones another Atlanta native who will be showcasing his progressive-rock, funk, jazz, Latin, classical, African, blues, folk, jam, and electronic style. Go out to The Basement at Graveyard Tavern to support your local Atlantans.
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Friday, May 10th-Cody Marlowe and the Dead Flowers at Vinyl

Right out of Georgia, Cody Marlowe is a roots rock singer that infuses hints of soulful music as well. His most recent release “Silver and Gold” is his third album since his debut EP. It showcases honest songwriting through solid country rock music.
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Friday, May 10th-Sons of Bill at The State Theatre

Bill Wilson is the driving force behind Sons of Bill. He is a professor of philosophical theology, a songwriter, and an expert on southern literature, and three of his six kids have formed a rock band to honor him as a tribute to him.
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Saturday, May 11th-Mixtape with DJs Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer at Black Cat

Looking to dance the night away? Head to Black Cat for DC’s best gay dance night featuring DJs Matt Bailer & Shea Van Horn. Grab your dancing shoes and get ready for a bass popping night of great music, dancing, and fun!
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Saturday, May 11th-Cumberland Collective at Eddie’s Attic

Cumberland Collective isn’t just a group of musicians, but a community as well. The 15 singer-songwriters from across the nation come together for one of the most creative music project around. Going to their show isn’t just a spectator sport, and the audience gets to participate in the performance as well.
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Saturday, May 11th-Generationals with Brass Bed at The EARL

This year brought about a label change as well as a slight change in the music for Generationals. These rockers will be filling The EARL with infectious hooks and music with texture you can practically feel. Joining them is Brass Bed on Saturday.
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Saturday, May 11th-Tanz Farm Series 4 at The Goat Farm

You can catch this performance on Friday or Saturday. This is part of a performance anthology with choreography by Amanda Miller. She is a founding artist of Germany’s Pretty Ugly Dance Co, and Atlanta’s CORE Performance.
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Saturday, May 11th-Donna the Buffalo at The State Theatre 

Donna the Buffalo has been around for years, and their newest album is due to be out next month meaning new music for listeners at The State Theatre. The roots Americana band have kept their original charm, while also layering on new genres.
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